The WaveMetrics FTP Archive

Before there was the Web, there was only FTP for sharing files such as Igor experiments, XOPs, and procedure files.

We at WaveMetrics often shared updated "hot fix" replacements for XOPs, procedures, experiment files, "Technical Notes" and updaters for the Igor application and associated products.

The Igor FTP site has been shut down, and the uploaded files have been moved into this Igor FTP Archive.

New WaveMetrics content is made available on this web site (

New user contributions are available on the IgorExchange forum.

FTP Archive files are separated into their historical directories:

Igor Pro
The main directory of Igor-related content:
Articles describing technical details about Igor or about using Igor for a particular task, with any combination of Igor help files, formatted notebooks, experiments, procedure files, source code, or executable files.
Igor users offered their solutions for loading specialized data formats and procedures for specialized data analysis.
Updated WaveMetrics procedure files for Igor 4, 5, and 6.
Updated WaveMetrics XOP extensions for various versions of Igor.
WaveMetrics updaters or updated files for Igor 4, 5, and 6. Also Windows .reg files to clean the registry thoroughly after uninstalling Igor 3, 4, 5, or 6.
Old Demo versions of English and Japanese Igor 4, 5, and 6.
Miscellaneous Igor and FTP-file related utilities, including TheUnarchiver, a program to un-compress .sit and .hqx files.
The main directory of Igor XOP Toolkit-related content:
Manuals for XOP Toolkit versions 3 through 6.
Xcode 3 and Carbon Bundle Templates circa 2009.
XOP examples from 2007 and 2008.
XOPs contributed by Igor XOP Toolkit users.
The main directory of NIDAQ Tools Data Acquisition for Igor Pro-related content:
Password-protected updaters for NIDAQ Tools, version 1.00 through 1.53.
An Igor 5-era NIDAQ Tools MX demo package which used NI-DAQmx driver version 7.5 or later (from National Instruments) on Windows 2000 or XP.